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June 22, 2006: City Of Wilsonville Approves Costa Pacific Communities' Plans For Villebois Village Center

Approved Plans Include Architecture, Parks and Open Spaces for 55-acre Village Center, Construction to Begin Late Summer

WILSONVILLE, Ore. - Costa Pacific Communities, a leader in mixed-use, smart growth development and master planner of Villebois, received approval on June 19 from the City of Wilsonville for the 55-acre heart of the new community - the Village Center. The European-inspired Village Center will include residences, retail locations, event space and parks to create a unique social and community center for Villebois. Architectural designs and parks and open spaces have also been approved by the city, marking a major milestone and the next phase for the Villebois community. Costa Pacific will break ground later this summer.

"We envision the Village Center to be the living room of Villebois, an area where people can gather and socialize in a comfortable, welcoming environment," said Rudy Kadlub, CEO of Costa Pacific. "In collaboration with the City of Wilsonville, we've worked hard to create a community that will not only benefit its residents, but the surrounding areas as well."

The Village Center Brings Unique Character to Villebois Community
Inspired by the intimacy and character of traditional European villages, Costa Pacific has designed the Village Center to promote community interaction. The Village Center features a small street grid with bike boulevards and walking trails to encourage outdoor activity, while minimizing parking lots and increasing green spaces to offer interesting sights and experiences.

Among the features approved for the Village Center are:

  • 1,010 residences
  • 10,000 square feet of retail/commercial space
  • 0.5 acre urban plaza - Piazza Villebois
  • 3-acre Montague Park
  • Diversity of architectural designs
  • "Curbless" streets
  • Urban promenade
  • Miles of trails
  • Several pocket parks
The Piazza Villebois will be the focal point of the Village Center. Surrounded by retail locations and restaurants, the urban plaza will serve as a natural social center for the community, hosting popular events and festivals.

About Villebois
Villebois, French for "village near the woods," is a 500-acre master planned community near Wilsonville, Ore. featuring elements reminiscent of European villages and small U.S. towns built before World War II and the proliferation of suburban sprawl. The planning for this 2,500 home community is based on the tenants of connectivity, diversity and sustainability.

Connectivity within the three village neighborhoods and the region will be enhanced through transportation improvements and links to buses and commuter rail. Diversity will be apparent in a variety of architectural styles, open spaces and activities within the community. Sustainable - or green - development practices and sustainable planning principles will manage rainwater, preserve trees and protect natural open spaces.

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