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Residents aren't the only ones who've noticed our commitment to excellence.

"Without Costa Pacific Communities, our 500-acre Villebois Village site could have been a typical subdivision. Instead, we are going to have a world-class community of compact urban form that will add value to Wilsonville for years to come."

Charlotte Lehan
Former Mayor, City of Wilsonville; Clackamas County Commissioner


"This (Villebois) is sort of the New Age version of a community and not having to get in the car to buy a loaf of bread or a cup of coffee...It's almost like a piece of the Pearl (District) set at the edge of the urban growth boundary."

Sandi Young
Planning Director, City of Wilsonville
(From a December 29, 2005 Oregonian article, 'Better ways to get around Wilsonville goal for '06') Oregonian, September 1, 2003


"Orenco's award-winning design created a community with a strong sense of identity. It truly set a new development standard in our city and the region."

David Lawrence
Deputy City Manager, City of Hillsboro


"Costa Pacific Communities has been invaluable in our efforts to expand North Plains' Urban Growth Boundary. Rudy Kadlub and his team share our vision for creating pedestrian-friendly neighborhoods and maintaining the town's rural charm."

Don Otterman
City Manager, City of North Plains


"As Director of 1000 Friends of Oregon, I find it refreshing that Costa Pacific Communities takes a proactive approach in developing the kind of communities we can support and that will make Oregon a better place."

Bob Stacy
Director, 1000 Friends of Oregon


"Portland has long been the darling of so-called 'New Urbanist' advocates of mass transit, denser neighborhoods and strict design controls to promote walking. But it now may find itself at the forefront of a movement by public health advocates to consider - or actually reconsider - urban planning."

Randy Gragg
The Oregonian, September 1, 2003


"Designing and developing master planned communities takes an integrated team of talented people. But as one successful developer has said, "Team work is no cure for a lack of focus." At Costa Pacific that focus is provided by CEO Rudy Kadlub. I have worked with Rudy for over 20 years and have seen the importance to him in understanding the marketplace conditions and the sometimes unspoken needs of people who are looking for a better community in which to live. The highest compliment a developer or an architect/land planner can get is when the people who move into a community tell you that their lives have gotten better since moving there. That has happened on the communities that I have helped design and planned with Costa Pacific. I consider it an honor to be part of this firm's commitment to award-winning design and cutting edge "Smart Growth" planning concepts."

Leland D. Iverson
Principal, Iverson Architects, Inc.


"Costa Pacific always starts with market and consumer research to determine what their communities should offer and at what price points, thus insuring their market acceptance potential and their likelihood to be a financial success."

John Schleimer
President, Market Perspectives


"At Alpha Engineering we believe in Costa Pacific's commitment to sustainable development practices. For example, plans for managing rainwater at Villebois are on the leading edge of "green development" and will be designed to benefit the local and regional watershed by mimicking natural drainage systems."

Jerry Palmer
President, Alpha Community Development